Parrot-Williams Product Listing


All species available from Ash to Zebrawood including exotic veneers, flitch stock as well as clipped and bundled.

Composite veneer.

Faces available in stock sizes and door sizes.

Cut-to-size faces.

2-ply fancy faces with inlays, black lines burls and crotches. 2-ply backs also available.

Rotary cut faces, Red Oak and Maple.

Rotary cut Poplar for crossbands, backs and curved plywood.

Laminated Products

Cut to size plywood - Fully machined, sanded ready to finish. Lumber banded (internal or external). Veneer edged, all cores available - particle board, MDF, lumber core and veneer core.

High pressure laminate - Post forming, CNC routing and boring, straight line and curvilinear banding and shaping with PVC and veneer, lumber banded cores, melamine processing.

Architectural plywood.

Wrapped Parts

Custom profile wrapped moldings.

Lumber Products

Dimension lumber, molded S2S, S4S, CNC routed, nearly all species.

Edged glued panels - ready for lay up.


Parrot-Williams represents the largest crib distributor in the US. Our distributor procures product from all regions of the world. Parrot-Williams has expanded upon their residential and baby furniture market and carried them into the contract market.

RTA furniture, component parts, complete assemblies, chair frames and home office furniture.

OEM Manufacturing

Complete domestic production. Our manufacturing partner will make products complete to the customer's specifications. They can engineer the product or work from your plans. Warehousing, packaging and drop shipping to your customer are all services offered by Parrot-Williams.

CNC Machining

Complete CNC machining service. Material can be supplied by customer or by Parrot-Williams.